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February 2021

Second location

The second location was opened on 15th of February 2021., in Ilidža. You can find this store in Dr. Mustafe Pintola bb street.

July 2022

Fourth Caribou location

The fourth Caribou Coffee location is in Visoko and it is first outside of Sarajevo. It was opened on 2nd of July 2022. This branch is located in Dr. Džananovića 2 street.

July 2022

Sixth Caribou location

The sixth Caribou Coffee is located in heart of Sarajevo Old Town, Baščaršija 18. It was opened on 28th of July 2022. 

August 2020

First Caribou location

The very first Caribou Coffee location in Sarajevo was opened on 8th of August., 2020. This branch is located in Fra Filipa Lastrića 2 street.

Ilidža otvaranje

May 2022

Third location

The third location was opened on 25th of May 2022., at Marijin Dvor. You can find this store in Herceg Stjepana 2 .


July 2022

Fifth Caribou location

The fifth Caribou Coffee is located at Pyramids, Park Ravne 2  in Visoko.